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Caso clínico publicado no International Endodontic Journal

Complex endodontic treatment of an immature type III dens invaginatus. A case report
E. R. Fregnani et al IEJ 2008 Oct;41(10):913-9.

Aim To report the endodontic treatment of an immature maxillary central incisor with dens invaginatus.

Summary Dens invaginatus is a rare malformation of teeth, probably resulting from an infolding of the dental papilla during tooth development. The present case describes the complex endodontic treatment of a type III dens invaginatus in an immature maxillary central incisor with a necrotic pulp and abscess formation. The initial treatment goal was to achieve apexification of the pseudocanal root and conservative root canal treatment in the main canal. Following 1-year of treatment with calcium hydroxide dressings, radiography revealed a healing response, but no sign of a hard tissue barrier at the apex. Periapical surgery with the placement of a zinc oxide cement (IRM) root-end filling was considered successful at the 4-year follow-up.

Key learning points• The complexity of the canal system and open apex in dens invaginatus present a challenge to endodontic treatment.

• Correct diagnosis and treatment planning are fundamental to treatment of dens invaginatus.

• Periapical surgery is indicated in cases of unsuccessful apexification in immature teeth with dens invaginatus and nonvital pulp.

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